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Ammonio-cuprous Derivatives

A number of complex cuprous derivatives containing ammonia are known. Examples are ammonio-cuprous hydroxide, Cu(NH3)OH, and ammonio-cuprous sulphate, Cu2SO4,4NH3, obtained as a pale green solution by dissolving cuprous oxide in an ammoniacal solution of an ammonium salt. At 50° C., in an atmosphere of hydrogen, this sulphate is precipitated as a white crystalline powder by mixing alcohol and an aqueous solution containing cuprous oxide, ammonium sulphate, and ammonia, proving the basic character of ammoniacal cuprous oxide to be strong enough to displace ammonium from its salts. Ammonio-cuprous nitrate, CuNO3,2NH3, is a colourless, readily oxidized substance, formed by the action of liquid ammonia on ammonio-cupric nitrate, Cu(NO3)2, 4NH3.
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