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    PDB 1g3d-1j9t
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    PDB 1sjm-1w6w
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    PDB 2vm4-2yah
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    PDB 3bqv-3fyi
    PDB 3g5w-3mie
    PDB 3mif-3t6v
    PDB 3t6w-9pcy

Copper in PDB, part 2 (51-100), PDB files 1bxv - 1fwx

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Copper (Cu) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Copper atoms.
PDB files 51-100 (1bxv - 1fwx):
  1. 1bxv - Reduced Plastocyanin From Synechococcus Sp.
  2. 1byo - Wild-Type Plastocyanin From Silene
  3. 1byp - E43K,D44K Double Mutant Plastocyanin From Silene
  4. 1bzo - Three-Dimensional Structure of Prokaryotic Cu,Zn Superoxide Dismutase From P.Leiognathi, Solved By X-Ray Crystallography.
  5. 1c9e - Structure of Ferrochelatase With Copper(II) N- Methylmesoporphyrin Complex Bound At the Active Site
  6. 1cb4 - Crystal Structure of Copper, Zinc Superoxide Dismutase
  7. 1cbj - Crystal Structure of Bovine Superoxide Dismutase Crystal.
  8. 1cc3 - Purple Cua Center
  9. 1cob - Crystal Structure Solution and Refinement of the Semisynthetic Cobalt Substituted Bovine Erythrocyte Enzyme Superoxide Dismutase At 2.0 Angstroms Resolution
  10. 1cuo - Crystal Structure Analysis of Isomer-2 Azurin From Methylomonas J
  11. 1cur - Reduced Rusticyanin, uc(Nmr)
  12. 1cyx - Quinol Oxidase (Periplasmic Fragment of Subunit II With Engineered Cu-A Binding Site)(Cyoa)
  13. 1d39 - Covalent Modification Of Guanine Bases In Double Stranded Dna: The 1.2 Angstroms Z-Dna Structure Of D(Cgcgcg) in the Presence of CUCL2
  14. 1d40 - Base Specific Binding Of Copper(II) to Z-Dna: The 1.3- Angstroms Single Crystal Structure Of D(M5CGUAM5CG) in the Presence of CUCL2
  15. 1d6u - Crystal Structure of E. Coli Amine Oxidase Anaerobically Reduced With Beta-Phenylethylamine
  16. 1d6y - Crystal Structure of E. Coli Copper-Containing Amine Oxidase Anaerobically Reduced With Beta-Phenylethylamine and Complexed With Nitric Oxide.
  17. 1d6z - Crystal Structure Of the Aerobically Freeze Trapped Rate-Determining Catalytic Intermediate of E. Coli Copper-Containing Amine Oxidase.
  18. 1dsw - The Solution Structure Of A Monomeric, Reduced Form of Human Copper, Zinc Superoxide Dismutase Bearing The Same Charge As the Native Protein
  19. 1dyu - The Active Site Base Controls Cofactor Reactivity in Escherichia Coli Amine Oxidase: X-Ray Crystallographic Studies With Mutational Variants.
  20. 1dyz - Oxidised Azurin II From Alcaligenes Xylosoxidans
  21. 1dz0 - Reduced Azurin II From Alcaligenes Xylosoxidans
  22. 1e30 - Crystal Structure Of the MET148GLN Mutant of Rusticyanin At 1.5 Angstrom Resolution
  23. 1e5y - Azurin From Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Reduced Form, pH 5.5
  24. 1e5z - Azurin From Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Reduced Form, pH 9.0
  25. 1e9o - Crystal Structure Of Bovine Sod - 1 of 3
  26. 1e9p - Crystal Structure Of Bovine Cu, Zn Sod to 1.7 Angstrom (3 of 3)
  27. 1e9q - Crystal Structure Of Bovine Cu Zn Sod - (1 of 3)
  28. 1ehk - Crystal Structure of the Aberrant BA3-Cytochrome-C Oxidase From Thermus Thermophilus
  29. 1ekj - The X-Ray Crystallographic Structure of Beta Carbonic Anhydrase From the C3 Dicot Pisum Sativum
  30. 1eqw - Crystal Structure of Salmonella Typhimurium Cu,Zn Superoxide Dismutase
  31. 1eso - Monomeric Cu,Zn Superoxide Dismutase From Escherichia Coli
  32. 1et5 - Crystal Structure of Nitrite Reductase ASP98ASN Mutant From Alcaligenes Faecalis S-6
  33. 1et7 - Crystal Structure of Nitrite Reductase HIS255ASP Mutant From Alcaligenes Faecalis S-6
  34. 1et8 - Crystal Structure of Nitrite Reductase HIS255ASN Mutant From Alcaligenes Faecalis
  35. 1etj - Azurin Mutant With Met 121 Replaced By Glu
  36. 1ezl - Crystal Structure of The Disulphide Bond-Deficient Azurin Mutant C3A/C26A: How Important Is the S-S Bond For Folding and Stability?
  37. 1f18 - Crystal Structure of Yeast Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase Mutant GLY85ARG
  38. 1f1a - Crystal Structure of Yeast H48Q Cuznsod Fals Mutant Analog
  39. 1f1d - Crystal Structure of Yeast H46C Cuznsod Mutant
  40. 1f1g - Crystal Structure of Yeast Cuznsod Exposed to Nitric Oxide
  41. 1f56 - Spinach Plantacyanin
  42. 1fa4 - Elucidation Of the Paramagnetic Relaxation of Heteronuclei and Protons in Cu(II) Plastocyanin From Anabaena Variabilis
  43. 1fd8 - Solution Structure Of The Cu(I) Form of the Yeast Metallochaperone, ATX1
  44. 1fee - Crystal Structure of Copper-HAH1
  45. 1fft - The Structure of Ubiquinol Oxidase From Escherichia Coli
  46. 1fr4 - X-Ray Crystal Structure of Copper-Bound F93I/F95M/W97V Carbonic Anhydrase (Caii) Variant
  47. 1fsr - X-Ray Crystal Structure of Copper-Bound F93S/F95L/W97M Carbonic Anhydrase (Caii) Variant
  48. 1fun - Superoxide Dismutase Mutant With Lys 136 Replaced By Glu, Cys 6 Replaced By Ala and Cys 111 Replaced By Ser (K136E, C6A, C111S)
  49. 1fvs - Solution Structure of The Yeast Copper Transporter Domain CCC2A in the Apo and Cu(I) Load States
  50. 1fwx - Crystal Structure of Nitrous Oxide Reductase From P. Denitrificans


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